We all deserved a
night out.

Good food, great drinks—and the best company.

We launched Black Label Property Group January 1st, 2021 and since that day, we floated around the idea of a launch party. We wanted to celebrate this new venture with each other, our friends, family, & clients—and, of course, the business community we’re a part of.

However, the pandemic had other plans and as the months passed, we focused on growing Black Label Property Group instead of dwelling on the celebratory kick-off we weren’t able to have.

Then the end of the year approached and we looked at all we wanted to do in 2022 and all we had accomplished in our first year together. And, lo and behold, there was an opening to celebrate it all.

We chose The Common’s lower level space, 9910, as our venue and from there, the night just came together. Three sponsors, the perfect menu, a DJ, and a bar—it was exactly what we needed.

And we can’t thank you enough for coming.

Meet some of the people that helped make this night come together.


Infill North

When we founded Infill North, we knew we weren’t just building a company, we were building a culture. Yes, sound construction and innovative, signature home design would be our foundation. But what truly makes a house a home aren’t the studs in the walls or the tile in the kitchen. Instead, it’s the people who live in it, the community that wraps around it. It’s the intimate experience and expression of our personalities. We believe in those people, and we are endlessly honored when they believe in us. We believe in your community because we live in it too. 

We will remain small and serve our Northerners in all aspects of design, materials and execution. Together we can do small or big things, new or old things but always great things. 

Let’s build cool shit.


Katelyn Smith,
Mortgage Broker

Purchasing a home is an important decision and you should be confident about your investment. I will work with you personally to offer you valuable insight throughout the process, save you time and find the mortgage that best suits your needs.

I will provide you independent expert advice on your financial options. I am not tied to a specific lender or products so I can offer you mortgage products that will best match your specific needs, with the most competitive interest rate available.

Instead of spending your valuable time meeting with competing mortgage lenders, I can quickly narrow down the list of lenders that will help you achieve your financial goals. I will make your comparison-shipping fast, easy, and convenient.
There’s absolutely no charge for my services on typical residential mortgage transactions. Like many other professional services, such as insurance, mortgage brokers are paid a finder’s fee when we introduce dependable clients to a financial institution.

Tetz Powell
Professional Group

Tetz Powell Professional Corporation is modern accounting firm routed in the ideals of client relationships and proactive advice. Tetz Powell PC offer specialized tax planning services for small and medium sized business owners. In addition to tax planning and full service accounting, our firm is also a leader in offering cloud accounting practices that modernize traditional record keeping and offers massive efficiencies for business owners.

Thinking Tax? Think Tetz

We’ll keep you in the loop.

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