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What we loved from the start was Matt’s sincerity in all things on both a personal and professional level. We also love to see the passion behind a business and there was no missing Matt’s. We had the pleasure of having him as a sponsor at our Black Label Property Group Launch Party and we’re looking forward to more collaborations in the future.

Getting to know Infill North is best handled from Matt himself⁠—we chatted with him and are thrilled to share the surface of his story below.


From the owner.

Funny story, I started working with my hands through mechanics when I got my first car. I was fascinated with disassembling and reassembling. Later in life when I was finishing university, my parent’s house got arsoned so we had to rebuild. I had a break between school and my summer job so the builder put me to work.

Turns out working with wood is easier on your knuckles and neck over mechanics so I started assembling. I moved from Winnipeg only knowing Edmonton was home to one of my favourite bands growing up so it must be cool. Came out to work for a builder starting in the trenches and never turned down an opportunity to learn a new position. Eventually I was offered a partnership and started a company focused on pioneering infill in Edmonton.

Behind The Scenes

Aside from my business partner, our first hire was to bring on an incredibly talented artist with both photography and videography. With or without experience, we hire for talent always nurture the drive to change the game.

A wise dude once reminded me I’m a marketing company that happens to sell homes. Quality, efficiency and service is the cost of entry, how you design and communicate creates your company’s personality.

It’s a two way street and it’s important in such an intense and expensive experience in building a home for both parties to remember the harsh but simple principle; fit in or fuck off. People don’t have to like me and I don’t have to like them but if we move ahead in the relationship of building a home or renovation, we better make sure we do!

One thing that everyone at Infill North is deeply passionate about is music. With a few of our team being in bands in the past, and currently still in bands, I would say music is a huge source of inspiration and drive for us. Often during our meetings the turntable is spinning vinyl in the background, and a good chunk of text messages send back and forth are obscure tracks on Spotify.

Music is very similar to homebuilding. Each instrument on their own has a distinct and unique sound, but when put together with the right vision and the right people, you end up with a symphony. Likewise with homebuilding if you take the time to source unique textures and finishes, work along-side complimentary service providers and staying involved in our community we become the sum of our parts. Every finished project is a complete song. And our desire is that Infill North is a record that people just can’t stop listening to.

In the Community

One thing we’re really focused on is the community that we build in. We realize that when it comes to content, you don’t just have to think outside of the box in this day and age, you have to realize that there just is no box. We’re planning on producing a video series that highlights local businesses in Edmonton who have gone above and beyond with innovation, creativity, and community involvement. Keep your eyes out for our first collaboration very soon!

Our goals moving forward whether in the short-term of the long-term stay the same. Our goal always has and and always will be creating beautiful spaces WITH our customers. Taking the time to understand their vision, building trust with our Northerners, and executing that vision will always be our goal above anything else. Growth is obviously important, but not at the expense of our values.

Our boutique approach to homebuilding lets us develop lasting relationships with our customers long after we’ve handed over the keys or finished a renovation. You become a Northerner on day one, and stay a Northerner forever.

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