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90’s Airport Style and Buying a Home.

No, the two are not mutually exclusive.

The keyboard cursor beating like a drum of inspiration over the vacant space below and the only thought is That’s it. That’s the headline.

The dehydrated yet sanguine celebrity saunter across the tarmac at LAX in ‘92 carries with it all the necessary parallels, strategies, and ingredients required for a confident yet cold (most of the time) approach to the front door of any dream home.

Your parents did it, you might have done it, and if you’re still reading this article up to this point you’re probably thinking about doing it right now. But what juice can be squeezed from dated photographs of Letterman, Berry, Bacon, and Cage at the zenith of tabloid transportation.

We humbly assert the following observations:

First is to dress comfortably. You are embarking on a journey of sorts and there is no one way to particularly get there. You have to be adaptable and layered for what the process might throw at you. Finding your home could be as easy as walking down the street or it could be hidden underneath eye-high bramble that you may have to cut through to reach. The key is to remain calm and comfortable. This is not a one size fits all endeavor.

Go low profile. Match the same demeanor of Demi or Depp with the tucked down cap and dark sunglasses. It’s not a public affair that needs advertising. Everyone will have an opinion of their vision for your home but at the end of the day this is all about you. When it’s right it’s right, trust your gut and go for what you want.

Quality over quantity, always. There is something to be said for bold minimalism in practice. Say a lot with as little words as possible. Square footage is important but don’t overlook the details. Location, finishes, yard, and general feel of a space—invest in quality and it will always come back to benefit you.

Finally, trust the process. No one likes to fly but everyone likes to arrive. The inconvenience of travel should be abated by the warm and welcoming sea-salty air of your destination. Home ownership should be paradisaical.

Trust us to get you there.

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